Disaster-Ready State and City IT Systems Weather the Storm

It’s no secret that state and city agencies require resilient IT systems. Yet, keeping operations running during hurricanes, earthquakes, cyberattacks and other events can prove daunting. A recent string of natural disasters — including hurricanes Harvey and Irma — offer a harsh reminder of what’s at stake. The challenges are magnified as smart city initiatives […]

Risk vs. Reward with Internet of Things Deployments

The idealized view of the Internet of Things is a world of billions of connected devices that bring automation, efficiency and an overall better quality of life. In many ways, we’re well on the way toward that vision. Machines that people use every day — refrigerators, washers, thermostats, televisions, automobiles — are beginning to feature […]

Your Guide to Ethics & Privacy

In his 2009 paper Digital Ethics, Richard Capurro described digital ethics as, “the impact of digital Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on our societies and the environment at large.” But, what does that mean for your business and customers? What is Digital Ethics? Whether you’re a small, local business or a seasoned global enterprise, you […]

Six Keys to Making Smart Marketing Technology Choices

Spending on marketing technology continues to rise—driven by changing expectations of the marketing function, the introduction of innovative new tools, and increasing pressure on marketing teams to show measurable results. Recent Gartner research found that CMOs now spend nearly as much on technology as CIOs, as “Marketers are now extraordinarily dependent on technology…Marketing leaders allocate 27 percent […]